Hydron, the latest dual fuel system for your vehicle from E-Gas R&D. Hydron produces hydrogen ion instead of HHO gas. These are done thru Hi Vacuum and vibration technology develops by the company.

Latest : We have stopped selling this product due to inventor passed away..

NEW PROMOTION! RM650 RM380 only! (Promotion 2012 will end soon!)

It is a free maintenance system. You only fill the water once, after that it will replenish by the waste air- condition water. So no more hassle to refills or servicing.


Once the Hydrogen ions enters and mix with the fuel and air, it completes the combustion. Thus resulting in no fuel waste and more torque and power to your engine. You don’t need to accelerate much to achieve power. Less acceleration less fuel. Able to achieve in-between 15% to 50% extra km with same fuel filled.

Reduction of smoke up to 90% since the no unburned fuel with significant discharge of water vapour. It cleans carbon deposits while you drive.

No matter what vehicles and no need to use Ron 97 anymore. A system that is a must for your vehicle.

No maintenance, No prefilled hazardous catalyst, No water refills, Low Current

Convert your vehicle to Hybrid HGV (Hydron Gas Vehicle).

Save your Money and Save the Environment with Healthy Car


Hydrogen fuel system is used to increase complete combustion that will increase performance and fuel efficiency. This hydrogen module has undergone years of research to produce exact amount of pure hydrogen needed by any engine whether injection or carburetor to help any car model from petrol to diesel car to achieve optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

This new model has lower ampere operation which is minimum 0.5 ampere in 12 Volt system which makes the E-Gas more efficient in producing hydrogen with less current draw from your car which then helps the system to run in a cooler condition.

(Mr Nasrul Fareed the one beside left of Paklah with spectacle and black jacket showing to Malaysian Prime Minister about his invention)

Points Of Amazing Facts About E-Gas:

+ Purely hydrogen produced gives 30%-80% less fuel consumption

+ No need electronic oxygen sensor (MAP) adjuster to trick the sensor. the output produced is the exactly enough for increasing mileage and the oxygen trapped inside will not giving any bad reading to oxygen sensor.

+ More reliable and less maintenance with latest model of E-Gas. NO NEED to Change water content with 1 litre mineral water every 600-1000km (ampere reach 3 amp). Just run your car with water!

+ No need Baking Soda as a catalyst that will increase in gas output in the same time increasing temperature to dangerous condition. E-Gas System operating in cooler condition with no dangerous effect of Baking Soda.

+ Will gives more efficient and cleaner engine combustion with less carbon emission. You can see more water came out from your exhaust and less smoke.

+ Pure Hydrogen acts as a catalyst and additional fuel for combustion. E-Gas is the most affordable and easiest way to convert your car to a Hybrid Car.

E-Gas Hydrogen Generator Operation

The generator starts to generate and produce Hydrogen gas when the power is switch on. So make sure you connect the positive wire to a power source that is alive when switch is activated and power off when switch is off.

The system works on any Internal Combustion Engines Petrol, Diesel or NGV. Injection or carburetor. The principal is for the Hydrogen gas to be mixed with the existing fuel. As for Turbo system, the gas hose must be inserted after the turbo.

It is not limited to cars, lorries and buses. Other ICE such as motorbike and power generator can also use the system.

Once the system is running, the exhaust will discharge water vapour. You should do a test drive to enjoy the acceleration and torque.

At the Lab, running it for 5 hours with outside temperature of 29 degree Celsius, the maximum operating temperature achieved was 48 degree Celsius. Installing it at well ventilated area is priority as to maintain the working temperature of the unit.

Fuel Savings

The system is able to give up to double mileage but there are few issue that may differ from another. As mentioned earlier above, the vehicle must at least under serviceable condition. The tuning should be on normal fuel ratio. What we discover that the shorter your intake or Banana the more saving will achieve. This is due to the Gas is able to enter the combustion area without much loss. Speed driving will not give great saving as certain driver are enjoying the torque power that was never achieved before.

Safety The generator does not pose any danger. The gas is not compressed. But don’t try to light up a spark or flame near the generator or the hose. Injury of flame are far out as it implode not explode. Debris or splinter from other material may be the only cause of possible injuries. But watch out the Bang sound! This shows how good hydrogen is as a catalyst for complete combustion inside your engine


NEW PROMOTION! RM650 RM380 only! (Promotion 2012 will end soon!)





Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Center located at Jln Sg Penchala just in front of The Curve Damansara and near Damansara Utama beside the LDP highway. Kindly contact us through order page form and we will response as soon as possible via phone call or email.

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FAQ >>>

What is the effect on Fuel consumption? + Reduced from 20-30%. Some got 70%. It depends on car itself. Recommended for frequent long distance drive car.

What is the effect on performance? + Immediate effect increasing in car performance. Fast response and pick up.

Effect on engine? + No bad effect at all! It increases complete combustion and you will see more water vapour comes out from exhaust that shows your engine now have more complete combustion and running clean.

Is there any warranty? + 1 year warranty for the module

How about the installation? + Free Installation only available in KL. You can do self installation by refering to easy manual provided with the module posted to your home for free. Installation will take around 2 hours.

How about oxygen sensor issue? + The EGAS will not affect oxygen sensor reading and adjustment as it produce just enough gas for complete combustion. There is no point of installing any EFIE adjuster or o2 extender.


EGAS reduced carbon emission up to 50%! Image below shows the test result from Puspakom on a Proton Saga Aeroback 1.3 Carburetor :

Engine start at 7.21 PM : Emission CO = 3.65%

Engine idle at 7.25 PM : Emission CO = 3.44%

 Engine idle at 7.29 PM : Emission CO = 1.85% !



Testimoni utk mitsubishi storm 2.8 A Turbo diesel :


damansara damai – rantau – seremban
damansara damai – rantau – damansara damai


(Diesel pickup with no black smoke after EGAS installation shows complete combustion)



Installed the unit to my Chevrolet Nabira last June 30th. Felt almost instant increase in engine response. Few days after I felt it became “lame’ as before. Checked the wiring n found out that the connection was loose. So far so good, can’t say much on the savings but 1st time it reached 650km with 1 full tank (suburban driving). Masa beli keta dulu boleh dapat 720 km/tank (highway) n 620km (sub). With current price of RON95, FC ranges 16¢ -22¢ per km. Ni tengah monitor FC n I would be happy if it could be around 13¢ – 18¢ per km plus cleaner engine n better emmission !

BIG Thanks to Abang Nasrul Fareed and great team yang tolong pasang kat bonet kereta saya tu. I would strongly recommend this e-Gas to be installed n please, get the authentic one as developed by Bro Nasrul.


EN KHAIRIL : Honda Civic 1.7 VTEC

testimoni pengguna, kereta memang rasa pikap, agak signifikan berbanding sebelumnya. air banyak keluar ikut ekzos and bau tengit asap selepas cat-con removed ~90% hilang (mungkin sebab complete combustion). fuel efficiency masih dalam pemerhatian.

Lajak kenderaan: kenderaan lebih pick up, dapat dirasai sebaik saja meninggalkan bengkel Abang Nasrul malam tu. memang sedap tekan minyak lagi2 kat highway.

EN AHMAD REDHA : Toyota Avanza 1.5G

Saya dah pasang kat Avanza 1.5G last week & 1st time guna untuk travelling KT-KL (+/- 430km).
So far terasa penjimatan around 20-25% drpd biasa. Dulu drive biasa drpd fulltank ke 1/2 tank boleh dapat around 300km tetapi selepas pasang e-gas ni boleh menjangkau +/- 380km. Pickup rasa ringan sedikit.

Car model : Toyota Avanza 1.5G

Year : 2007

Modification : Pivot Raizin Voltage Stabilizer / Pivot Spark Earth Cable / Pivot
Ignition Earth Cable / Pivot Raizin Ignition Spark

Previous cruising fuel consumption : RON 95 Petronas Primax (RM1.85/L) = 14-15
– 2 dewasa & 3 kanak2( driving around 90-95km/h jalan biasa untuk long
– 2 dewasa & 3 kanak2 (driving around 80km/h jalan biasa untuk pegi kerja @ area
dekat @ bandar).

Fuel consumption cruising using hydrogen :
RON 95 Petronas Primax (RM1.85/L) = 12-13 senkm/L
– 2 dewasa & 3 kanak2 (driving around 95-100km/h jalan biasa untuk long


Salam kepada semua pembaca…

Saya dah pasang E-Gas pada 27/05/2010 ari tu di Sg Pencala KL, kemudian balik ke Penang… Perjalanan balik sangat lancar & kereta NAZA RIA saya rasa ringan sekali… Padel minyak hanya tekan sikit saja (letak kaki ajeee) & kereta bergerak cecah 120km/h… Sehingga ke hari nie saya sangat puas hati dengan prestasi kereta saya…

Mengenai maintenance lak, saya akan cuci & tukar air bila dah berjalan sejauh 600km… Tak susah, ambil masa 5 minit aje (Sementara menunggu minyak penuh masa mengisi minyak)… Buka penutup, buang air, cuci sikit balang & coil, isi semula air mineral (botol tutup biru), pasangkan dan jalan… Masalah karat memang ada, seminggu sekali saya cuci dengan air coke (utk coil) dan berus dengan berus gigi… Tak perlu buat setiap hari… Setakat nie Alhamdullillah, takde masalah & kereta rasa ringan… Pernah sekali saya tak tukar air bila dah sampai 600km… Masih macam biasa lagi cuma tak seringan kalau dicuci…

Bagi mereka yang pakai kereta besar & berat (MPV & SUV), saya syorkan anda mencubanya… rasa macam bawak kete biasa ajeee (ringan)… Tapi ingat, bila dah ringan tu, jangan le gatal nak tekan minyak lagi… Kalau nak jimat lagi, pandu kereta anda dengan berhemah… Kat lampu isyarat, jangan le tekan minyak kuat macam nak berlumba… Bawa kereta dengan hati yang tenang, bila kereta dah laju, lepaskan minyak dan tekan semula(sedikit aje tau)… Saya dah mencubanya & perjalanan amat memuaskan… ANDA…. Bila lagi nak mencubanya…

EN SAHARUDIN : Proton Waja Auto 1.6

Pada 25 Jul travel ke Alor Gajah balik hari, 90% highway 10% jalan biasa.
Perubahan yang ketara kereta terasa ringan.


EN IMRAN : Proton Savvy

Peningkatan ketara pada performance

Penggunaan minyak sebelum 400km lebih selepas lebih 550km.


EN AIZAT : Perodua Kancil 660

Easily get 10sen/km in city driving condition compare to around 12sen/km before.


(Complete combustion on Perodua Kancil with more water vapour come out from exhaust)

Hyundai Trajet complete installation with meter, switch and inside module location



On Saga BLM auto 1.3:

Before best Fuel Consumption = 13.5 sen/km RON95 RM1.8/litre

After EGAS Fuel Consumption = 10.5 sen/km RON95 RM1.8/litre


The new HYDRON = 7.9sen/km RON95 RM1.90/litre!

The HYDRON test covered a long distance speed around 80-100km/h. This is the best result we ever get for fuel consumption test!


You can refer details of review at KDI :





– Before installation, make sure your car in good condition.

– Record previous fuel consumption in terms of km/litre to compare with the consumption after installation.

– your car will have optimum effectiveness from EGAS if it is in standard engine condition without catalytic converter removed, modified air filter, modified air intake, modified exhaust system and air compressor.

– Remember, when you get the increase in performance, dont push your paddle hard, just control it lightly to have optimum fuel efficiency

– No need to change water for Hydron Maintenance free. for hydrogen module with maintenance, Just change the water after 700km-1000km with any mineral water by unscrew the two nuts, disconnect cables, removing the container, open the cap, remove the water, wash inside of container with the electrode, replace with mineral water and install it back within only 5 minutes.


Save fuel now! =)

Kindly fill up order form to order and confirm the installation date (any of your free time from Monday to Sunday 9am-9pm) Then we will contact you via phone call or email for further details and information about time and place of installation.

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